Rampart Range Veterinary Hospital


1111 E. Highway 24, Woodland Park, CO





Carol Steiner, DVM

Dr. Steiner graduated from Kansas State University in 1993. She worked as a veterinarian in Michigan until 1998 when she opened bought a practice in Findlay, Ohio, running that clinic for eight years before moving to Woodland Park. 

She worked as an associate vet in Woodland Park and Colorado Springs until late 2022, when she devoted herself to teaming with long time veterinary technician Arisa Apodaca and opening Rampart Range Veterinary Hospital.

Dr. Steiner has two golden retrievers, four cats and two leopard geckos … oh and a husband of 25 years and a 19-year-old son.

Arisa ApodacaRVT

Arisa Apodaca has been a veterinary technician for 24 years. Born and raised in Okinawa, she holds a registration from the California Veterinary Medical Board and has lived and worked in Colorado for 5 years.

She lives with her husband,  Angelo, a nurse practitioner, and youngest daughter, Azumi, and their menagerie of three pit bulls, a three-pound chihuahua mix, three sphynx cats, a siamese mix and five African grey parrots.